La Regata, The Puerto Rico’s Boating Newspaper is a free Spanish publication published monthly since 1997. La Regata is privately owned and operated by the editors Benito Pinto Rodríguez and María Calixta Ortiz. Benito Pinto is a biologist who worked for 11 years for the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources, where he served as the Boating Law Administrator. María Calixta Ortiz is an associate professor of Environmental Sciences at the School of Environmental Affairs, Universidad Metropolitana. María is also a professional editor certified by the University of Puerto Rico. Both editors are certified journalists by the Department of State. La Regata contributors are experts as sport fishermen, economists, surfers, environmentalists, graduate students or biologists. Most are based in Puerto Rico,
some from Florida.

15,500 copies are delivered every month at marinas, yacht
clubs, marine stores, fishing stores and restaurants, throughout
the areas of distribution. Also, available at the Boating Law Administrator’s Office and many other government agencies.


Boating information focused on the local and international
boating scene, surf, diving, kayak, stand up paddleboard,
fishing tournaments, waterfront neighborhood issues,
fishing and boating regulation, personality profiles, food
and wine, travel and marine environmental issues.
La Regata covers issues and events that affect the marine
environment such as: legislation, politics, conferences,
international agreements, public health, water quality,
oceans, climate, marine life, environmental and human
made disasters in a fair and balanced way.


Local residents who are actively involved in recreational
water sports as a hobby or business like marina owners,
boat manufacturers, yacht brokers, marine services, boat
dealerships, restaurants, fishers, surfers, kayakers, divers,
boat owners, students and housewives.

• Marinas and Boatyards Association of Puerto Rico
• Marine Industry Association of Puerto Rico
• Honorary Associations: United States Power Squadron,
The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, the Puerto Rico Sport
Fishing Association, the Puerto Rico Sailing Federation, Borinquen Islands Sailing Association and
International Game Fish Association.

• 2000 Overseas Press Club Award, as a Regional Newspaper
2004 Environmental Quality Award, as Media

La Regata is a free publication
• La Regata publish monthly tide tables for fishermen, boaters, surfers and scuba divers encouraging the proper use of the sea.
• La Regata has an agreement with the Sea Grant College Program of University of Puerto Rico to provide free editorial space.
• La Regata offers free consultations and participates actively in public hearings that affect the marine environment.